Life is a song. Sing it.


Julphar Life helps people feel their best by increasing access to the latest, highest quality and most innovative health and lifestyle products. We are the new and dynamic subsidiary of Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our vision for a happier planet is elementary. Healthy people create healthy families, healthy families create healthy communities, healthy communities create healthy nations and healthy nations create a healthy world. A healthy world is a happier world.

At Julphar Life, we embrace modern health and lifestyle challenges with determination to help you feel your best.


We focus on creating value. Our values of innovation, quality, safety and convenience is what create value for those we serve.

Julphar Life’s goal is to be a driving force for innovation and establish a strong presence in the OTC segment. We bring in global expertise, local knowledge, fresh thinking and most of all loving compassion to our work.

We are constantly exploring new technology partnerships and refining existing methods to increase access to the best innovations, raise awareness on healthy living and make a meaningful impact on the lives we touch.



Healthcare is in a constant state of development with new research, innovation and approaches to healthcare management. Simultaneously, the digitally empowered modern patients are more proactive in their care options. As the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Middle East, we realized that it is our responsibility to effectively respond to the dynamics and ensure patients have access to the best and latest innovative products. It is a challenging task, but we are confident of successfully bridging the gap. We launched Julphar Life with fresh ideas, optimism and commitment to enhance quality of life by helping you, “feel your best”.


Julphar Life was born out of a passion to provide our customers with the highest standard of consumer healthcare in par with global standards. Our mission is to enable access within the MEA region to the latest innovative consumer products and devices, which serve to improve the users experience and tolerability of health products. With a focus on disease prevention, Julphar life aims to improve the overall lifestyle of consumers and provide an exciting interface in which to improve our knowledge in leading healthier lives. This is a cutting edge division whereby we promise to bring you the highest quality and latest technologies.


At Julphar Life, we adopt a holistic approach to life. Our focus is on the brighter side of life and enhancing the quality of life and wellness. We seek partnerships with world class manufacturers, research and development companies and academia to develop and manufacture high quality products and devices. Emerging technologies, new processes in OTC and devices are of special interest to us. To build tomorrow’s healthier communities we must communicate, educate and build awareness now. To do that we believe in the power of social media to promote wellness over cures for illnesses.