• How to Start Meditating

    When the curiosity for meditation arises, and you do a bit of research on the topic, you may feel disoriented regarding where to start from. With so many types and techniques of meditation available, you want to make sure you are picking the right one, right? Well, yes but don’t stress too much about it. Whichever you pick is the right for you, at least at the beginning. More than the right type of meditation what you need is: the right attitude. You’ve come to the point where some things in your life don’t jail, you need answers, deep changes or maybe you are simply in the mission of making your life better. Your soul is craving for inner peace which means you are ready for it, you are in a place where you can embrace this new phase with joy, peace and calmness. Persist in the search and see how beautifully things will unfold for you.


    1. Explore different kinds and pick one. We are all different and that’s why there are so many types and techniques of meditation. There is beauty in diversity, there’s freedom in choice. Explore all forms and styles of meditation until you find the one that clicks with you. This is a phase some call “spiritual shopping” and is very normal. Try searching for chakra balancing, pranayamas, visualizations, guided meditations or repeating mantras, you will find plenty. Go for whichever attracts you the most, but once you’ve found the one that suits you, stick with it for at least 21 days. You cannot expect to find water if you keep digging new and different holes. Dig the same hole persistently and results will come effortlessly.

    2. Keep persevering. How do great sportsmen become number one in their field? They practice, practice, and keep practicing. There’s no one “skill” that doesn’t get better the more you do it. So at the beginning you might find meditating a bit frustrating, you might NOT experience instant peace or major leaps in your evolution. It’s all gradual and you need patience. At the beginning you might just experience a fleeting moment of bliss (enough to keep you hooked!), nextthe feeling will stay longer, then it will settle in and in the least expected moment you will see yourself in a state of constant peace, not struggling in life but just flowing gracefully. Keep trying, keep the routine, respect it as the utmost important activity of your day.

    3. You are NOT wasting your time. For most people, dedicating 10 minutes to just sit and “do nothing” might feel like a waste of time. The mind will make you believe there are thousands more important things you could be doing. Resist, don’t listen. Understand that those are actually the 10 most important minutes of your whole day. Be aware that pursuing the habit of dedicating time to your self improvement and inner peace will bring you more benefits than any other routine.

    4.  Never doubt yourself. You are not doing it wrong. As long as you are taking time to do it, that means you are doing it amazingly well. Tap yourself in the back, give yourself a big hug for having taken the time to do it. Your intuition will get sharper with the practice and you will just know if you need to change anything.

    5. Don’t care if they judge, don’t self judge. Sometimes, without even knowing, our closest relationships, family and friends are the ones who hinder our evolution. People around us sometimes feel threatened when they see us changing and they might question or ridicule what we do. Don’t be affected by it. Keep your practice, keep going and most importantly: don’t judge yourself! Those 10 minutes of emptiness are just for you. They are your happy place. So turn off the self questioning, self doubt, self judgment, and anything that is negative. Make it a space where only positivity is allowed.

    6. Your mind will wander. Let it be. See the thoughts come, don’t resist them, don’t engage with them. To-do lists, lunch, discussions, girlfriend, dog and the weather. It cannot be solved right now, it’s part of the past or the future. Thoughts will come always, don’t frown when you cannot stop them. Smile at them and let them go. Whenever you catch your mind wandering, go back to an anchor (either your breath, third eye, mantra or whatever you pick).

    7. Do some stretching. This is an often overlooked advice but it can truly do wonders. I would’ve rather said “do yoga” but it is too much to ask. To begin just observe your body, see what part feels stiff and loosen it up, shake it, move it and breathe into it, then sit into meditation. It will radically change your level of “discomfort” when being in the same place for long.

    8. Find a local meditation community. There are plenty of meditation groups sprouting like mushrooms all over the world. Local communities of individuals who want to help each other grow in peace, love and awareness. Facebook is an amazing tool, not only for reconnecting with old classmates but also for linking up with like minded people. MeetUp is also a great network. Having a “spiritual family” whom you can count on is a real blessing and support.

    9.  Do it all the time. Mindfulness means constant meditation, it is a state of being. If every move, act, word and thought is performed in awareness, that is meditation itself. Observe yourself, your reactions, cravings, tendencies. Be, think and act from a space of gratitude and joy. Walk as if your feet are kissing the soil, breathe as if you are being gifted the air, train your brain to only think constructive and positive thoughts. You will be startled to see how the world around you changes too.

    10. Congratulations for having reached the end of this article, this means your chances of seeing big leaps in your evolution are huge! So, as a reward, if you spare one minute (and before you lose interest) we have a little gift for you. In this very moment put your phone in airplane mode. Switch your wifi off. Shut the door. Dim the lights. Sit comfortably with your spine erect. Play this or any of the videos on the side. Enjoy.