• Early use of Technology - Why it’s better to let kids draw and paint first

    Drawing starts as doodling and it is almost like we are prewired to do so. Give a pen to a child and he/she will instantly turn everything around him/her into a canvas. Though having amateur artwork on every possible surface may be inconvenient and costly, the benefits for your child are priceless.

    Unfortunately with the rapid proliferation of technology, the art of drawing is somewhat fading away. There are numerous studies discussing both the pros and cons of early introduction of children technology. While the arguments will continue for many years, compelling evidence of tech addiction, social, mental and health problems of early introduction have left some parents very concerned.

    It is not about if a child should be given access to technology or not. The question is really about how much technology, at what age, for which purpose and for how long? While this ultimately boils down to the parents and their views, drawing can be considered the best, time tested and safest way to help children understand themselves and the world.

    So, before you let them tap and swipe away into a digital world, let them draw. Here is why:

    1. Makes kids more expressive.

    2. Stimulates imagination.

    3. Sharpens motor skills.

    4. Enhances concentration.

    5. Boosts confidence.

    6. Improves problem solving skills.

    7. Creates bonding moments.