• 5 easy Ways to Feel your Best

    We have all felt, at times, a general lack of motivation or energy to go about our days. Sometimes it’s an illness, or the repetitive routine that pulls us down. When we get discouraged by life, there are a few things to do that will put us back in a space of fulfillment and joy. A few tweaks in our routine will help us be a happier, improved version of ourselves 24/7. The order doesn’t matter as long as you make an effort to, at least, put one of these into practice.

    Be grateful

    Waking up in the morning to a bright new day, eating breakfast (having a choice of what to eat!), effortlessly opening the tap and finding hot water flowing, having a fit body, fresh air to breath, soaking up the sun. Each and every single day we are blessed in multiple ways. The sad thing is we take this blessings for granted. We go about our lives blinded, oblivious to the fact that in being able to heartfully appreciate these little things lies the key to abundance and contentment. Try the “grateful for everything” therapy for a week and see how you feel. The best news is this cure doesn’t need doctor’s prescriptions or any extra effort at all! ;)

    Nourish your relationships

    The greatest of all happiness is to be at peace with one’s relations. A 75 years long Harvard study tracked the lives of 724 individuals from age 18 till their deaths. They found it was not their cholesterol levels that predicted who was gonna grow into a happy healthy octogenarian, it was how satisfied they were in their relationships. As it seems, good close relationships buffer us from the stings and arrows of getting old. Those who are more socially connected to family, to friends and to community are happier, are physically healthier and live longer than people who are less well connected. Yet it’s not just the number of friends or whether or not you are in a committed relationship but the quality of your close relationships that really matters.

    Spend time in nature

    Did you know that green areas have the ability to generate happiness? Spending time in nature is a simple and natural solution to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. A research by the University of Essex found that of a group of people suffering from depression, 90 percent felt a higher level of self-esteem after a walk through a country park, and almost three-quarters felt less depressed. Observing the shapes of the clouds, the smell of the grass, feeling the breeze of the ocean in our faces takes us back to a place of unity with nature, a place of simplicity and joy. Nature teaches us patience, perseverance, the law of cycles and seasons, and above all: it is perfectly beautiful just as it is. Rejuvenating for sure!

    Love yourself

    This is the most fundamental ingredient of an ah-mazing life recipe. The moment you love and accept yourself just as you are, you automatically start loving and accepting everybody and every situation around you. You realize you are perfect in your own imperfections, you don’t need to look or behave in any special way, you don’t need to conform to any social norm or standard. When you love yourself unconditionally, you are instantly free. Nothing can shake you, affect you or put you down because you already ARE love, nothing to look for out there. Understanding yourself and your body as a vehicle to experience life and live it fully goes from stopping self criticism, to eating healthy or doing some kind of exercise (if at least a 15’ walk). Remember your body is your most valuable possession... and the only one that will last you for a lifetime ;)

    Take some offline “Me” time

    Few people understand the importance of enjoying precious time in solitude but even fewer people can be at peace without knowing where their mobiles are at all times! In a world where the name of the game is over connection, where bippings and notifications are micro stealing our valuable time, we need to forcibly rescue ourselves from the confusing inaudible noise. Nobody can do it for ourselves, the world wants us to be plugged in. We suggest you start by setting self-limits such as turning off the phone from 9pm onwards. Beat the impulse to check it! Grab a book instead. Or repaint that furniture you’ve been dragging for so long. Because millionaire is he/she who can enjoy a mesmerizing sunset, watch a movie with a loved one, listen to chirping birds, smell the brew of fresh coffee and while NOT checking his/her phone. Y’all know what we mean? Offline is the new luxury.